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Membership form

Becoming a member means benefiting from the strength of a collective and inclusive movement with shared and complementary services to those of the actors already present to accelerate the agroecological transition from upstream to downstream of the agricultural and food sectors in Belgium.

I join The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the transformation of the agricultural and food world to act in particular on the fertility, resilience and autonomy of farms and to have effective tools to support the transition of farms. To contribute to the first Belgian network for the exchange and sharing of experiences in agroecology, to build and manage the transition from a model based on chemistry to a model based on agronomy.

To secure my supplies through enhanced cooperation with my suppliers and to accelerate the deployment of my positive impact products and services and measure their real impact. In short, lead all farmers towards agroecology and finally get out of niche agroecology!