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Understanding the ecosystem

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The House of Agroecology is a movement of cooperation and innovation that engages all stakeholders in the agricultural and food ecosystem, in the transformation towards a resilient and value-creating model thanks to agroecology.

Guarantor of an ambitious agroecological vision, we strive to combine pragmatism on the ground, economic realities and scientific rigor.

Collective intelligence is our driving force, serving a common responsibility.

It is together that we are reinvesting in the field of agronomy to bring about a new model, that of an agriculture that nourishes and protects.

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I am joining The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the agricultural and food transition.

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Project Hansbeke Agro-Ecology


La ferme de l’agriculteur biologique Félix de Bousies a été baptisée PHAE (acronyme de « Projet Hansbeke…



Greenotec a été créée à l’initiative et à l’intention d’agriculteurs motivés par la recherche de solutions concrètes…

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