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Unity makes life

A vision

The Movement of "The House of Agroecology" is a collective approach to environmental, social and economic progress. The restoration of the natural fertility of the soil, biodiversity and the quality of the relations between all the actors of the value chain is envisaged there through an ecosystem approach where all the stakeholders of the current sectors interact.

They are in fact interdependent, especially in the context of the relocation of economic activities, a circular economy that consumes little fossil fuel. This approach also involves the valuation of ecosystem services provided by agricultural production.

Our mission

The mission of “The House of Agroecology” is to accelerate the food and agricultural transition by structuring agroecological product chains through a collaborative, pragmatic and apolitical approach at the service of the common good, to rethink the agrifood chains with all the actors. concerned, in a process of progress.
“The House of Agroecology” positions itself as the trusted third party for the agricultural and food transition in Belgium.


  • Promote healthy and good products, accessible to all through a progressive, realistic and comprehensive transition of the food and agro-industrial system
  • Assurer la liberté, l’autonomie technique et l’inventivité des agriculteurs, source des innovations issues du terrain
  • Stimulate cooperation between actors in the sectors and agricultural development to federate a movement carrying a new paradigm
  • Create a positive and ecosystem approach to health, the environment, and the economy
  • A free and widest possible dissemination of knowledge

The 4 main axes :


Transforming and developing food chains towards agroecology

Connecting actors of agroecology and sectors

connecter les acteurs de l’agroécologie.

Inform and educate citizens

Our values can be summed up in two acronyms: values in relation to humans, ORES, an adverb meaning "now", and our values in relation to the rest of Nature and biodiversity, CHER, in the sense of "great value".

These two categories of values are all the more necessary today in the context of climate, biodiversity and social emergencies.



Become a member

I join The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the agricultural and food transition.

The governance

The House of Agroecology is made up of members divided into 4 colleges (farmers, storers & processors, distributors & restaurateurs, partners) who elect, at the annual general meeting, their representatives who sit on the board of directors.

It is also composed of a multi-disciplinary scientific committee guaranteeing the scientific validity of the association's actions, a committee of partners in the agro-ecological transition and, of course, a team in charge of the daily management and the operational implementation of the association's action plan.


Emilie de Morteuil


Alban Bouvy


Johan Lambrechts

Core Team member

Simon Chavée

Core Team member

Frances Schutte

Core Team member

Conseil d'Administration

Pascal Durdu


Jacques Crahay

C.A. member

Olivier Lefebvre

C.A. member

Olivier Van Cauwelaert

C.A. member

Louis De Jaeger

C.A. member