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The progress of the House of Agroecology

07 Mar 2023

On March 6, the House of Agroecology, of which some of our members are a part, met to present the positive progress of its work. Around discussion tables in “workshop” format with different actors and organizations in the agricultural sector (see below), she reflected on the construction of the first agroecological sector projects. This has proven to be very enriching for the progress of the House of Agroecology. This then materialized on March 23 with the filing of the statutes of The House of Agroecology as a non-profit organization! Since its beginnings, its ambition has been to position itself as a trusted third party in order to engage all stakeholders towards the agricultural and food transition in Belgium, which it will now be able to pursue with its status giving credibility to its words and a team which will be able to launch the first actions.

The House of Agroecology is a young association with a selfless aim, revolving around 3 main axes:

The first axis is to promote the transition of agroecological sectors by following the principles of agroecology, for sustainable agriculture and systems. The second axis is to engage in the fight against climate change by ensuring the preservation and improvement of ecosystems and biodiversity. This second axis also consists of reducing environmental pollution and improving the quality of the environment. The third and final axis is to offer its members access to services in order to sustain the supply chains of agroecological products, as well as to help them promote the products from these sectors.

In order to achieve this selfless goal, the association aims to bring out and structure agroecological sectors, to consolidate a base of expertise in order to support stakeholders towards agroecology and finally, to raise awareness of the issues and promote productions from agroecology.

For any information contact us:

Organizations and stakeholders present at this meeting: Farming for Climate, Greenotec, Regenacterre, FarmforGood, Terres Vivantes, Microfarmap, ILVO Living Lab Agro-ecology, Soil Capital, BRIOAA, Boerennatuur, GROW, Graines de Curieux, Cultivae, La Vie est Belle, ObsherbeJean van de Put, Tuur Vandeweyer, Frances Schutte, Stephanie Friebel, Jacques Crahay, Olivier Van Cauwelaert, Emilie de Morteuil.