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Open-source portal

Online soon

There are several structures acting for the deployment of agroecology and The House of Agroecology wishes to make available knowledge on the different paths of transition, within an open-source portal. This portal will aim to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the transition and in the agricultural and food sectors such as farmers, agricultural advisors, downstream stakeholders, project leaders, etc. by showing application cases, technical content and generic content on production systems. The contents are aimed at professionals, but accessible to all in open source.


The House of Agroecology is part of a cooperative approach by highlighting the training of various partners with complementary and meaningful approaches, to provide a concrete, global and realistic solution enabling the agricultural and food transition in Belgium.

Video channels

We promote video channels of structures supporting the agroecological transition or of farmers who are part of an ambitious approach to holistic progress on their production system. This approach must simultaneously provide responses to the challenges of climate, soil regeneration, biodiversity, water, global health, food security, fair remuneration and working conditions for people and the power relocation.

Customized training

The ambition of The House of Agroecology is to be able to cover the needs for concrete, structured and operational training in the agroecological transition for structures upstream and downstream of the agricultural and food sectors. If you have general or very specific training needs on agroecology, do not hesitate to contact us.