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Measuring tools

Measure to progress

Agricultural compasses


There are several tools for measuring the agroecological transition which are real agronomic compasses used, for some, by thousands of farmers, dozens of cooperatives, businesses and financing organizations to structure agroecological sectors and finance the transition. Developed as a progress approach, these tools allow stakeholders to benefit from a reference framework to initiate the transition of agricultural practices, advance them and promote them.

Agroecological diagnosis

Thanks to the data collected, the farmer can thus take part in a progress approach adapted to his crops/livestock, the specificities of his farm and his geographical area. Designed as an agronomic compass, carrying out an agroecological diagnosis of your farm is complementary to any other benchmark or labeling approach and allows you to measure, quickly and objectively, agroecological practices on your farm and monitor their developments.

What is an agroecological product?

An agroecological product is a product resulting from an agricultural production system that integrates the 13 principles of FAO agroecology.

Therefore, an agroecological product is grown or raised using methods that minimize the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. It promotes biodiversity and soil health, while preserving natural resources such as water and energy. Agroecological practices may include crop rotation, crop diversification, agroforestry, use of compost or organic fertilizers, biological pest control, etc.

Agroecological products are often associated with organic certification labels or fair trade initiatives, which ensure high standards in terms of environmental sustainability, animal welfare and fair working conditions for farmers.

Agroecological products are therefore more sustainable and ecological alternatives to conventional products from intensive agriculture.

Measuring tools

Several tools for evaluating the agricultural transition performance of farms have been developed with a certain completeness and at various scales of precision, such as:
- Score Card from Farming4Climate

- Open Boussole from Farm for Good

- OASIS from Agroecology Europe

- Indice de Régénération from Pour Une Agriculture du Vivant

- TAPE from FAO