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Creation of supplychains

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The House of Agroecology supports you in rethinking and developing your agricultural supply chains. We are present from strategic reflections to operational actions to secure your supplies, by defining action plans based on your contractualization objectives, or by leading innovation programs to respond to your specific challenges. We are aiming for a collective commitment to accelerate the valorization and deployment of agroecological sectors.

What is a supplychain ?

The construction of agroecological supplychains concerns plant and animal production. In a desire to recreate synergies between upstream and downstream, the work and projects carried out within The House of Agroecology movement concern all agricultural and food production systems.


A sustainable farm or agri-food business is a viable, livable, transferable and reproducible structure that fits its development into a socially responsible approach. Doing your carbon assessment takes into account the carbon footprint of an organization. It allows quantification of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions directly or indirectly generated by an organization.

Co-create a research project

Agroecological innovation will also involve co-creation and knowledge sharing. These innovations are more likely to solve local problems when they are developed jointly within the framework of participatory processes between the world of agri-food companies, the world of research and farmers who experiment operationally on their farms.