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Find, below, the various publications, news, events from The House of Agroecology which are all opportunities to meet us as well as to discover some of our members engaged in the agroecological transition.

First meeting of the colleges

On 13/11 at the “Domaine de Graux” our first college meeting was held ! The day began with a visit to the magnificent Domaine de Graux which kindly opened its doors to us. Then, we…

13 Nov 2023

The progress of the House of Agroecology

On March 6, the House of Agroecology, of which some of our members are a part, met to present the positive progress of its work. Around discussion tables in “workshop” format with different actors and…

07 Mar 2023

House of Agroecology meets again

This September 14, The House of Agroecology met once again to work together on creating a more resilient Belgian food industry. The initiative aims to become a “one-stop shop” for organizations and companies that want…

15 Sep 2022

The House of Agroecology

Rich discussions, based on collective intelligence, with different players involved in the agricultural transition On June 13, 2022, the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels organized the first meetings of the “House of Agroecology”, which aims to…

15 Jun 2022


Organize an event with us?

The House of Agroecology organizes events for their members in order to inspire, train, share, disseminate or even meet stakeholders upstream and downstream of the agricultural sectors with the aim of accelerating projects agroecological.


Become an ambassador of “The House of Agroecology”

Become an ambassador for “The House of Agroecology” Support The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the agricultural and food transition in Belgium via its crowdfunding on MiiMOSA: -agroecology What will the…

from July 5 to August 4, 2023

Libramont fair

The House of Agroecology is pleased to invite you to the 2023 edition of the Libramont Fair. This year, we are organizing the Agroecology Village, alongside the Public Service of Wallonia, the CRA-W and the…

from July 28 to 31, 2023

Kiss the ground

Kiss the Ground: An event aimed at businesses in transition, for sustainable and local solutions In collaboration with Vestaculture, BeeOdiversity and Farming for Climate, The House of Agroecology organized a “Kiss the Ground” evening which…

May 30, 2023