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Terres Vivantes


College of partners

The vision of the non-profit organization Terres Vivantes is agriculture that is more respectful of nature, farms that are more profitable and more resilient, and foods with high added value valued locally.

The advantages of Terres Vivantes :

  • OASIS, a diagnostic tool based on agroecological indicators, quick and easy to use, efficient and complete, which offers a global view of the farm ;
  • Personalized individual monitoring by our team of agronomists ;
  • Cooperation and sharing of experience, techniques and knowledge between farmers through workshops, discussions, webinars, conferences, tours of the plain.

Terres Vivantes offers a free diagnosis (carried out in one hour) to interested farmers. Terres Vivantes is aimed at everyone without judgment: conventional, organic, ABC, already committed to the path of agroecology.

Explanatory video about the OASIS tool: