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College of producers

The non-profit organization SOCOPRO is a logistical support structure, set up and subsidized by the Government within the framework of the Walloon Agricultural Code.

It originally came from the regrouping of the eleven former Sector Councils into a single non-profit organization. The staff working there therefore remains structured in a sectoral manner, with regard to the production sector to which they were initially attached via their Sector Council.

The non-profit organization was mandated to expand its activities to 2 distinct and complementary sectors, Food and Agriculture in Wallonia, following the entry into force of the Walloon Strategy and the Walloon Sustainable Food Standard set up in 2017-2018.

Adopted by the Government of Wallonia on Thursday October 15, 2020, the composition of the Walloon Sustainable Food College (CwAD) is now known: the ASBL SOCOPRO, made up of the College of Producers and the Cellule Manger Demain, obtained a seat. It will ensure representativeness of sustainable food dynamics, in line with the reality of Walloon agricultural sectors.