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Sagr Baland “La Goutte du gad bourgeois”


College of producers

Conservation agriculture in the open field.

Cultivation farm producing Cereals, Oilseeds, Protein crops, Potatoes, etc… with storage, conservation and direct shipping!

All using simplified cultivation techniques and conservation “sustainable agriculture”. This is to be as ecologically and economically sustainable as possible.

All interventions are carried out with farm equipment by the operator.

Also: farm production of Rapeseed oil from the cold pressing of cultivated seeds, in sustainable agriculture. More information on the Hainaut Terre De Goûts page:

“I entered my father’s family farm, who had it from his father, 25 years ago. We became interested in no-till in the 90s, first for cereals, then for all crops. This conversion was motivated by phenomena of water stagnation on clayey soils and threshing on loamy soils. In addition, our lands are quite light, which complicated winter plowing, while the Spring plowing constituted a surplus of work during intense periods. Plowing was, initially, replaced by decompaction, then by increasingly light TCS practices.

25 years ago, we began to plant mustard alone, then phacelia alone. Later, we added oats, then made more diverse mixtures, varying according to the rotation. Farm production of cover seeds would make it possible to reduce costs and plant plants well adapted to the local context.

I work in low-volume treatments, especially for fungicides and insecticides. Throughout my career, I have therefore considerably reduced the volumes of phytosanitary products applied to my land (but without reducing the number of passes). Focusing on plant nutrition, first with PRP, today I work with TMCE. For 16 years, I have been able to do without soil insecticide and chemical phosphorus, while I have greatly reduced the intake of potash.

In 2008, we acquired a Horsh Pronto seeder. The less we decompacted, the less we needed… In 2020, I bought a tine seeder for direct sowing and it complements the Pronto well. I also adapted the rotation to abandon the cultivation of chicory, which is harvested too late, and vegetables, which suffer too much from drought. This led me to introduce rapeseed, of which I control the entire process, from sowing to harvest. I therefore sow some of my crops directly (wheat, rapeseed, etc.), while others require more or less light tillage (beets, potatoes).

The TCS allows me, with a little organization, to cultivate the entire farm alone. To do this, you must make the most of ideal climatic conditions. I also reduced my fuel consumption by abandoning plowing and decompaction. However, compared to investments and working time, a farmer’s income remains low. In addition, it is the buyer who sets the sale prices, while land prices rise. For 2-3 years, I told myself that I had to do something original to stand out in the game. As I am one of the only rapeseed producers in the region and I do not know anything about it. Wallonia of farmers who process rapeseed on the farm from A to Z, I turned to the production of rapeseed oil.”