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College of partners

Regenacterre is a collective of farmers to share resources:

  • knowledge via independent agronomic advice
  • joint actions
  • agricultural equipment

The objective is to be more efficient economically (economic health of farms) and ecologically (soil health).

Regenacterre is also :

  • a European “regenerative agriculture” certification mark with evolving specifications inspired by the 5 pillars of regenerative agriculture: plant cover, organic inputs, crop rotation, reduction of tillage and biodiversity;
  • an academy :
  • 2/3 of the field-oriented course with 14 tours of the plains and 14 practical workshops
  • for experienced farmers and agronomists in order to promote rich exchanges
  • 15 different speakers with specific expertise, themselves farmers, from Belgium but also from France, Switzerland and Holland
  • focused on large crops
  • 10 technical modules (plant health, plant cover, crop associations, tillage, machinery, economic optimization of farms, supporting change, etc.)

Registration for their next cohort: