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Project Hansbeke Agro-Ecology


College of producers

The farm of organic farmer Félix de Bousies was named PHAE (acronym for “Hansbeke Agro-Ecology Project”), which also means “nourish” and “shine” in Greek.

Since 2017, Félix has cultivated the land according to an agroecological vision. Over the last decade, the agricultural land has been remodeled with hedges, ponds, grassy strips and agroforestry, aiming to make it more resilient and fertile. Crop rotation relies heavily on the use of legumes, cover crops and temporary meadows, in order to produce quality cereals while gradually improving the soil. About a third of the agricultural land area is made up of permanent grassland.

Félix de Bousies: “I have been learning about the agroecological approach for years. Our project aims to demonstrate that agriculture can be both sustainable and profitable. As a young farmer, I will be able to learn a lot from the field trials and the experts who will be active in Hansbeke. The experience and knowledge generated here will be made available to everyone.