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Perma-projects Academy


College of partners

Since 2019, Perma-projects has been helping young entrepreneurs launch their agroecology activity on La Ferme de La Préale (Hamois) and La Ferme de La Papelotte (Waterloo).

Perma-Projects launched its Academy to support the creation of new agroecological micro-farm projects from their installation to their autonomy.

Our support is aimed at professional agroecological market gardening projects, whether carried out individually or supported by a collective (group housing, shared farm, etc.), a community of eaters, etc.

What we offer is long-term tailor-made support (3-5 years) with :

  • Economic and financial coaching inspired by our two pilot farms – including a guaranteed income mechanism for market gardeners during the start-up phase of the project ;
  • The co-construction of an appropriate investment plan and business plan ;
  • Technical support provided by experienced market gardeners ;
  • A concrete reflection on commercial strategies ;
  • Shared services or advice in accounting, insurance, certification, communication, branding, etc.