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Maison Dandoy


College of transformers

Our great-great-great-grandfather Jean-Baptiste was an artisan baker. In 1829, he opened his first store on rue du Marché-aux-Herbes. Thirty years later, he moved to rue au Beurre where he taught his son Philippe the trade. This is where the Dandoy dynasty will prosper. 150 years later, butter and sugar still rule the roost under the laughing eye of Saint-Nicolas.

At Maison Dandoy, we are convinced that biscuits can build a better world.

We work every day towards this transition, smile by smile, cookie by cookie.

Since 2023, Maison Dandoy has switched its entire production of speculoos to regenerative. Thus, the flour used to make their little spicy mascots now comes entirely from regenerative agriculture. A fairly significant change, since these represent around 50% of their total production of biscuits.

“We are working hard so that our house made of traditions can have a social, societal and environmental impact, while maintaining the artisanal tradition which has remained unchanged for almost 200 years, and which has made our reputation in Brussels and in the world.”

Alexandre Helson, co-CEO of Maison Dandoy.