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Living Lab Agro-Ecologie en Biologische landbouw


College of partners

The Living Lab Agro-Ecologie en Biologische landbouw is an experimental space and meeting place for all partners in the agri-food system where innovative research in the field of agroecology and organic farming is placed in a real context.

LLAEBIO operates according to the 5 operating principles defined by ENoLL – European Network of Living Labs :

  • Multi-method approach = the Living Lab uses various methods, instruments and types of knowledge (including sociology, psychology, economics, science) to promote knowledge sharing and research. The LLAEBIO operates as much as possible from a systemic approach ;
  • Multi-stakeholder participation = all relevant stakeholders (public and private agri-food sector representatives, academics and individuals) are involved. LLAEBIO establishes links between existing structures, organizations and actors working on agroecology and organic agriculture ;
  • Real-life context = research questions come from practice and tests and experiments take place in real conditions: in agricultural enterprises, test farms or fields ;
  • Actively engage end users = end users are encouraged to actively influence the innovation process and participate in as many research phases as possible. This can be all actors in the agri-food system ;
  • Co-creation and open-mindedness = the Living Lab creates new knowledge together as partners share their knowledge, ideas and experiences.