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College of partners

Greenotec was founded on the initiative and for the benefit of farmers who are motivated by the search for concrete solutions to the practical problems they encounter every day when applying soil conservation techniques (TCS) on their farms.

The association’s activities can be divided into three main categories:

  • experimental activities aimed at developing and/or optimizing technical routes for soil conservation for the main crops grown in Wallonia;
  • extension activities to inform and train farmers in the practice of TCS, through study days, conferences, but also newsletters and a website;
  • advisory activities aimed at offering personal advice to interested farmers and researchers on the transition from conventional cultivation techniques to TCS.

Since 2022, as part of the Walloon Recovery Plan, Greenotec has been working together with Natagriwal CRA-W / Walloon Center for Agronomic Research Fourrages Mieux asbl and the SPW Agriculture Ressources Naturelles Environnement on the Terraé project that aims to support 40 farmers in the agricultural -ecological transition.

Greenotec is also the festival of agroecology and soil conservation agriculture organized every 2 years (