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Ferme Bossut


College of producers

Crop and livestock farm located in Chapelle à Oie in the entity of Leuze in Hainaut, we have been operating in the family for several generations.

Our production objectives are linked to our philosophy:

  • Well-being of our soils: because there are more living beings in 1 gram of soil than people on earth, we therefore strive to improve this heritage made available to us.
  • Well-being of our plants: healthy crops are the basis for the production of nutrient-rich fodder.
  • Well-being of our animals: lots of comfort and hygiene, we are convinced that happy animals are essential to obtain quality products.

All this allows us to work in a reasoned manner: as for us, medication on our fields and our cows is only used in extreme cases, when illness obliges us to do so.

Our animals graze on the grass in our meadows, day and night in the right season.

We make butter, yogurt, cream cheese, ice cream, mascarpone, tiramisu with speculoos, etc., we also grow several types of potatoes.