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At Delhaize, sustainable development is an integral part of our daily work and our business. Beyond our commercial mission, we do everything we can to give citizens and nature the rightful place that they deserve.

Delhaize gives priority to products from local agriculture. This is why we work closely with many Belgian suppliers. We choose the products together with the greatest care. In our supermarkets, 70% of fruits and vegetables and more than 90% of our meats are local. In total, 70% of the Delhaize assortment comes from Belgium.

For example, Delhaize works closely with Biomilk, a Belgian cooperative of 40 organic dairy producers for its own-brand dairy products. The dairy producers with whom we work are paid a fair price and the milk is guaranteed organic, local and fair trade. Would you like to know more about this? Check out the Bioptimists page !

We also try to ensure that our assortment follows the seasons. We ensure this by expanding our range of seasonal products but we do not limit our assortment. As a general brand, it is our duty to ensure that we respond to as many requests as possible. Indeed, certain products are sold out of season, in order to satisfy all our customers throughout the 12 months of the year.