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College of transformers

The objective pursued by the Cultivaé cooperative is to bring together the offer of products from growers in order to be able to meet the specific demands of local processors for quality products.

Diversity trumps uniformity

With a silo with a capacity of 2000 tonnes, and a sorting line, our job is to gather, store, sort, sample, clean and deliver cereals and oilseeds.

Our partnerships with storage organizations allow us to create specific allocations dedicated to these particular sectors.

Regenerative Agriculture certification

The meticulous regenerative specifications are developed by pooling the specific requests of processors and the technical knowledge of farmers. The specifications are followed, controlled and certified by the Régénacterre association.

Our sectors are born from the meeting between committed processors and innovative farmers, all looking for partnerships based on trust.

By creating a sustainable partnership over time, companies offer a peaceful context to farmers, who are then able to progress in their ways of farming and maintain consistency on their farm, over the long term.

Being part of the solution no problem

It is possible to produce tasty, organic, local food while having a positive impact on our environment and the climate.

By deciding which product to buy, each citizen has the power to decide how food is produced.

Here, companies and farmers come together to offer regenerative agriculture products which are positive levers for a change in agricultural practices.

A place where innovations are possible

Cultivaé is a structure inserted in the agricultural world, of medium size, it is efficient in its decisions. Gathered around a common objective, decisions are taken together, with sector partners and are adapted to each situation.