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Colruyt group


College of distributors & restaurateurs

Choosing Colruyt group means choosing the best prices. But it also means consuming more consciously and in a more sustainable way.

Sustainability is the common thread of our activities and our corporate culture. Furthermore, since 2007, “creating sustainable added value” has been at the center of our concerns. Every day, we work together to make a meaningful difference.

Durability ? This is what you have the right to expect from a brand like Colruyt group. You also want to be able to make informed, sustainable choices. This is why we are committed to working step by step – and with you – towards good health, a respectful society, better animal welfare and a cleaner environment. Important topics for you as well as for our other customers. Find out below how we can make a difference, together, for each of these 4 themes, easily recognizable thanks to their icon.

Learn more about Step by Step

By the end of 2024, we intend to increase the proportion of Belgian products in our entire assortment of potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables (excluding exotics).

By the end of 2024, we will have established at least four new collaborative projects within existing or new agri-food chains.