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Since 2013, in France, Carrefour has improved its production sectors by supporting its partner producers towards agroecology to achieve 2 objectives: the preservation of natural systems while maintaining a high level of production. Today, all our fruit and vegetable sectors (Carrefour Quality Line & Reflets De France) are making progress to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides.

An approach included in the Act for Food program:

Act for Food is the global program of concrete actions that Carrefour implemented in 2018 in each country where the group operates. With Act For food, Carrefour is giving a strong sign of its commitment to better food accessible to all. It is through Act 3 that the group commits to eliminating or reducing synthetic chemical pesticides from plant sectors.

Agroecology at the service of the food transition :

Carrefour has set itself the ambition of being the world leader in the food transition for all. All over the world, consumers expect quality food that preserves their desire to eat well, their health and their lifestyle, at a reasonable price. To meet this expectation, Carrefour has chosen to deploy a plan in favor of agroecology in its fruit and vegetable offering.

It is implemented within the Carrefour Quality Lines and Reflets de France products to offer all customers good, responsible and sustainable fruit and vegetables.

In November 2022, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of the Carrefour group, announced the 2026 plan. Alexandre Bompard then announced that Carrefour must support the food transition of each customer. Carrefour is therefore committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and more responsible consumption trends. To support the various societal developments, the Group will:

Expand the number of partner producers to 50,000 (+11,000 vs. 2022)
Double supplies of fruit and vegetables in ultra-short circuits (suppliers located less than 50km from the store) in Europe
Continue the development of agroecology
Encourage organic farming and approaches favorable to the preservation of the environment: High Environmental Value, Tomorrow’s Earth, No Pesticide Residues…

With these initiatives, the group is targeting 8 billion euros in turnover via certified sustainable products (from organic farming, agroecology, sustainable fishing and sustainable forests) in 2026 (+40% VS. 2022).