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Libramont fair

from July 28 to 31, 2023


The House of Agroecology is pleased to invite you to the 2023 edition of the Libramont Fair. This year, we are organizing the Agroecology Village, alongside the Public Service of Wallonia, the CRA-W and the network of farmers in agroecological transition, Terraé.

Agroecology, a path for a food transition

The House of Agroecology is a collective approach to environmental, social and economic progress, imagined by three co-founders in 2021 and a team that continues to grow. Our mission being to accelerate the agroecological transition in Belgium, we act systemically to develop this path of collaborative progress, with the greatest number of Belgian actors upstream and downstream of the agricultural and food sectors.

On this occasion, come and meet us and our first members at our stand in the Agroecology Village to immerse yourself in the search for concrete solutions for the revaluation of the agricultural and food world. This project aims to develop different levers of operational action between all stakeholders, which will make it possible to succeed together in this agroecological transition and feed people healthily, preserve biodiversity, while fighting against climate change.

Meet at stand 35.01 from Friday July 28 until Monday July 31.

Who are we addressing?

Farmers, agri-food companies (storers, processors, distributors, restaurateurs), experts and citizens.

Services for members of The House of Agroecology

Some of our members will hold stands to demonstrate the local agroecological solutions they offer. By joining The House of Agroecology movement, they are integrating a systemic approach to accelerating the agroecological transition where all stakeholders in the sectors interact and benefit from the services developed by The House of Agroecology: training, diagnosis, valorization of results, projects agroecological sectors, local and agroecological supplies, network of experts,…

Program :

Every day :

  • An educational course on the principles and techniques of Agroecology
  • Overview of HoA services
  • Presence of our members
  • Surprises and gifts: textile printing in the colors of the HoA, Photo booth,…

Every morning at 10 a.m., a fresco:

  • Soil Fresk
  • Climate Fresk
  • Food Fresk
  • Biodiversity Fresk

Conferences every day at 2 p.m.:

  • Friday 07/28: The House of Agroecology – Press Conference
  • Saturday 07/29: Round table #1 – Distribution in agroecology – Frank Mestdagh (from here), Isabelle Coupienne (Graines de Curieux) and Philippe Cousin (Senseen)
  • Sunday 30/07: Round table #2 – The Peasants’ Way – Vincent Delobel (Chèvrerie de la Croix de la Grise), Tom Paris (Ferme de la Papelotte), Pieter Van Rumst (Obs’Herbe)
  • Monday 07/31: Agroecology tools – Carline Spitz (BeeOdiversity), Alban Bouvy (Microfarmap) and Guirec de Wouters (Open Compass)

And more surprises to come….