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What is agroecology?

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Can agroecology feed the world ?

Marc Dufumier
The main principles of regeneration explained to as many people as possible.

How regenerative agriculture stems climate change

This documentary film explains the fundamental principles of regenerative agriculture and by what process it allows the sequestration of carbon from the air into the soil and living biomass.

What is Regenerative Agriculture ?

Jimi Sol
Infographic in English popularizing the fundamental principles of regenerative agriculture and the place of carbon in the ecosystem.

Agroecology, my detailed model

Julien Senez
Julien Senez, farmer in the Oise, explains how his cropping system has evolved towards agroecology and what the economic and farm management impacts have been.

Links between carbon and plant cover

Franck Baechler
Farmer in Loir-et-Cher and trainer in conservation agriculture, Franck shares his experience on the role and the different means of adding organic matter to the soil.

Fix the Earth

GIEE 3 Vallées & Frédéric Hontschoote
In this documentary film, the farmers of the GIEE des 3 Vallées share their observations, reflections and awareness of the health of their soil which has deteriorated before their eyes.

What is an agroecological product?

An agroecological product is the final result of implementing a series of agroecological practices at farm scale, aimed at managing fertility and restoring the natural state of the soil.

On living soils, it is possible to create very high quality food intended for human consumption. Agriculture that creates biodiversity and stores carbon in the soil has a positive impact on our planet's climate.

An agroecological product must also be of 100% Belgian origin, ensuring traceability from the cultivated plot. An agroecological product must meet the growing demand for quality and authenticity.

Each production, each plot, each choice made, each way of producing must be able to be explained.

The House of Agroecology wants to give agri-food companies and citizens a taste for healthy, local and informed food.

Some examples

graines de curieux

Graines de curieux

Graines de Curieux is a brand of food products from healthy and organic farming provided by the company Land, Farm & Men.




The Belgomalt brand has developed a supply chain connecting farmers to brewers.


les grands blés

Les grands blés

Les Grands Blés offers you a range of flours whose grains are grown in Belgium under organic conditions, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.



Find, below, the different publications, news, events from The House of Agroecology which are all opportunities to meet us as well as to discover some of our members engaged in the agroecological transition.

The progress of the House of Agroecology

On March 6, the House of Agroecology, of which some of our members are a part, met to present the positive progress of its work. Around discussion tables in “workshop” format with different actors and…

07 Mar 2023

House of Agroecology meets again

This September 14, The House of Agroecology met once again to work together on creating a more resilient Belgian food industry. The initiative aims to become a “one-stop shop” for organizations and companies that want…

15 Sep 2022

The House of Agroecology

Rich discussions, based on collective intelligence, with different players involved in the agricultural transition On June 13, 2022, the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels organized the first meetings of the “House of Agroecology”, which aims to…

15 Jun 2022