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Kiss the ground

May 30, 2023


Off meeting


Kiss the Ground: An event aimed at businesses in transition, for sustainable and local solutions

In collaboration with Vestaculture, BeeOdiversity and Farming for Climate, The House of Agroecology organized a “Kiss the Ground” evening which took place on May 30, 2023 at the OFF Meeting in Wavre. All partners have a common mission: to raise awareness of the importance of soil health, biodiversity and agroecology in Belgium. And this, even for businesses, which can sometimes seem distant from this subject.

The event began with the viewing of the documentary “Kiss the Ground”. Then, each partner hosted its own stand to welcome the companies and explain to them the solutions it offers. Finally, a reception with a moment of networking was organized to end this wonderful project in style.

As mentioned above, each partner has its own concrete and local solutions in terms of soil reconstruction and biodiversity:

  • As you already know, The House of Agroecology aims to be the “one-stop shop” for farmers, processors, distributors, experts, citizens,… in order to accelerate the agroecological transition by developing and transforming chains of food value towards agroecology, consolidating a hub of expertise around agroecology, connecting stakeholders and informing and raising awareness among citizens.
  • At Farming for Climate, they believe it is necessary to look at agroecology directly through existing farms. They therefore offer companies financial support for reconversion projects towards sustainable agriculture of various Belgian farmers that they support.
    Vestaculture has a different approach. This company offers individuals and businesses the development and maintenance of edible gardens, food forests, microfarms, urban agriculture projects, green roofs, etc.
  • BeeOdiversity, for its part, offers solutions to companies to integrate biodiversity into their environmental policy. This involves strategic advice, best practice guides, as well as arrangements such as plantations, insect hotels or nesting boxes.

We are all convinced that businesses have their role to play. This is why we wanted to partner up for an event aimed at them.

If you are a company and would like to further commit to sustainability, do not hesitate to review the Pictures of “Kiss the Ground” and the Aftermovie of “Kiss the Ground” !

Kiss The Ground 30.05.2023