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The House of Agroecology

31 Aug 2023

Rich discussions, based on collective intelligence, with different players involved in the agricultural transition

On June 13, 2022, the University Foundation in Brussels organized the first meetings of the “House of Agroecology”, which aims to bring together agroecological initiatives in Belgium.

We are very pleased with the large participation of a wide range of stakeholders (more than 80 participants): NGOs, researchers, farmers, agri-food industries, distributors, retailers, etc.

Anne Trombini, director of the association “Pour une Agriculture Du Vivant (PADV)” that inspired us, opened the series of 5 presentations by explaining her experience. It was followed by presentations by Erik Mathijs – KULeuven (economics), Johan Lambrechts (indicators), Alain Peeters (agroecology in general), Arnaud Stas – Wallonie (Walloon recovery plan). Many thanks to Sarah De Greef – Yeast.One for facilitating the discussions and the World Cafés, and to all participants for their constructive exchanges.

The organizers: Emilie de Morteuil, Pascal Durdu and Johan Lambrechts (Farming4Climate), Alban Bouvy (Microfarmap), Laurent Serteyn (Greenotec), Alain Peeters (RHEA and Terres Vivantes) supported by Regenacterre, Voedsel Anders, LivingLab Agroecology.