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The House of Agroecology is a central counter for accelerating the agroecological transition in Belgium. It acts in a systemic way to develop this path of collaborative progress with the greatest number of Belgian actors upstream and downstream of the agricultural and food sectors. The transformation of the agri-food model has become a necessity to revalorize the agricultural and food professions, guarantee Belgian food sovereignty and fight against climate change.

Putting agronomic knowledge back at the heart of agricultural practices and sectors, as well as developing large-scale cooperation between all actors, public and private, from upstream to downstream, from basic research to applied research, will make it possible to deploy a tremendous lever of action to innovate and succeed together in this agro-ecological transition to feed people healthily while producing rewarding environmental benefits with fair risk management.

Three challenges must be met to make this transition a success: a cultural challenge, for a new vision of agriculture; a collaborative challenge, for shared and open access tools and knowledge as well as a solidarity challenge, because no actor can claim to succeed in this transition alone.

Therefore, The House of Agroecology has positioned itself as the trusted third party for the agricultural and food transition in Belgium.


The House of Agroecology is a Belgian, inclusive and neutral movement for any type of farmer or agri-food company wishing to begin or progress in its agroecological transition by benefiting from its services or those of its partners.

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I join The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the agricultural and food transition.


The services developed within The House of Agroecology are aimed at farmers, agri-food industries, agronomic experts but also, in the long term, at Belgian citizens.

Our events

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The House of Agroecology organizes events for its members in order to inspire, train, share, disseminate or even meet actors from the upstream and downstream of agricultural sectors with the aim of accelerating projects. agroecological.

On the agenda

Become an ambassador of “The House of Agroecology”

Become an ambassador for “The House of Agroecology” Support The House of Agroecology to build together and accelerate the agricultural and food transition in Belgium via its crowdfunding on MiiMOSA: -agroecology What will the…

from July 5 to August 4, 2023

Libramont fair

The House of Agroecology is pleased to invite you to the 2023 edition of the Libramont Fair. This year, we are organizing the Agroecology Village, alongside the Public Service of Wallonia, the CRA-W and the…

from July 28 to 31, 2023

Kiss the ground

Kiss the Ground: An event aimed at businesses in transition, for sustainable and local solutions In collaboration with Vestaculture, BeeOdiversity and Farming for Climate, The House of Agroecology organized a “Kiss the Ground” evening which…

May 30, 2023